Goal & Challenge: The Quest for the Silver Docs

Dr. Martens Pascal in Silver Alumix

I’m addicted to shoes. Idgaf.

Last week, my bestie and I were in Toronto for a concert. We had wanted to stop at the Dr. Martens store prior to the concert for new kicks, but that didn’t happen. So we went the day after the concert, at which I had spent two hundred dollars on band merch and was at that moment now very broke. #noregrets

I had made up my mind not to purchase anything because I was broke…but these beautiful Docs caught my eye. I begrudgingly put them back and tried to console myself but saying they weren’t really my style, right? I mean, badass boots that nobody else in town would dare wear? Pfft.

Of course, I came to my senses by the time I returned home. I’ve decided to purchase the docs as well as two pairs of Converse.

But, I can’t just purchase three hundred dollars worth of shoes on a whim. I’m nothing if but frugal – and clever – and I’ve decided to set a challenge for myself to ensure I deserve these pretty, shiny boots.

The goal: Purchase the Doc Martens (and my other shoes) by payday next Friday.

The challenge: I must get rid of three pairs of shoes and two bags of clothes before then.

Why is this a challenge? Because I have tons of unworn clothing that I’d like to get rid of….but nobody in my tiny town is buying. (Seriously, bright yellow floral print pants aren’t that outrageous.) Donating is also difficult for me because I literally spent twenty-five bucks on those jeans that I never wore! (Yellow just isn’t my colour.)

But with these shiny Docs at stake, I think I’ll be able to do it. The shoes will be easy to sell by auctioning them on one of my town’s FB pages, and I’m pretty sure I can stand to donate at least one bag of clothes….we’ll see how I manage to do the rest.

Wish me luck!



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