New Moon Intentions: May’s New Moon in Taurus


Blessed New Moon, lovelies ♥

Setting intentions for the New Moon is a surprisingly new thing for me. As a matter of fact…this is my first time ever.

The New Moon is all about clean slates and new beginnings. Using this energy is wonderful for manifesting what we want in our lives. Now, a few sources insist on only using pen and paper to write down intentions….but I consider myself a techno Pagan a la Ms. Calendar from BTVS. I think my wee blog will serve just fine to hold my intentions.

This month’s New Moon is in Taurus. My intentions will all revolve around areas that Taurus rules over; contentment, self-worth, money, and overcoming ‘bullheadedness’. [There are many other areas, of course, but these ones spoke to me the most.] Some of my intentions will regard drawing new things to me, but some will also be about doing mundane work, etc. The key here is to write each intention with I want or I intend. Perhaps even I will. Not ‘hopefully I’ll get that gardening done.’ Speaking clearly about my intentions will manifest them in my life.

Here are my intentions for this month~

☆ I want to prove myself in my new workplace [two months as of yesterday!] and feel secure.

☆ I will prepare my garden area with pots and soil for my magickal herb garden.

☆ I want to continue opening my heart to my lover and being unafraid of doing so.

☆ I will be open to receiving any and all connections in the spiritual community that come my way.

☆ I want to fully release my emotional bonds to physical objects and clear my space of that which no longer serves me or ‘sparks joy’.

☆ I will draw prosperity to me in every avenue of my life; my personal business, my workplace, and my local selling.

May this New Moon be the start of good things for you.



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