Full Moon Goals: May’s Flower Moon


Full Moon Goals is a monthly series that I’m happy to be reviving from my old blog. It’s slightly different from New Moon Intentions; whereas the intentions involve manifesting certain qualities and whatnot in my life, Full Moon Goals is a lot more mundane and is all about setting a few goals to reach before the next Full Moon!

These were my goals for last month:

⭐️ Choose two witchy books to read for May’s Reading List. I ended up not posting my reading list so I didn’t choose witchy books.

⭐️ Research wands and how to make them. I didn’t purchase the book I wanted but on Beltane, my niece and I went for a hike in the woods to gather driftwood. I didn’t want to take Boo all the way to the Mondream Wood where the beavers live, so we just went to an otter’s slide and collected wood from the shore there. I have two lovely pieces that I intend to work with!

⭐️ Make connections at the Mind Body Spirit Fair. I actually ended up doing this! I mentioned that my best friend bailed on me at the last second so it was a little nerve-wracking to do this myself..but I instantly bonded with the astrologist who had the table beside me. I became friends with two sisters who have become repeat customers, and I had a lovely conversation with two friends who are interested in having me to do a tea leaf reading party for them! I also met an aromatherapist who I’ve become friends with. It was so lovely and I feel like I wouldn’t have met them if I hadn’t been alone.

My goals for this month:

⭐️ Sort my journals and start using them. I have a thousand and one journals. It’s pretty bad. Currently I have two journals that have designated uses; one for my tea leaf readings and one for my dreams. I think the pretty fox journal I bought on Monday will be used as a ‘happy’ journal.

⭐️ Figure out how to plant catnip without the cats eating it. Yeah, four of my cats completely killed my wee catnip plants. (The fifth cat is still a baby and couldn’t reach them.) I briefly entertained the idea of setting up a cage but I guarantee Tika would just lay directly on top of it….I grow all my own herbs for my magick, and this year I want to use some for tea.

⭐️ Start planning my workshop for the Summer Solstice Sisters retreat. I was invited to host a workshop on magickal herbalism back in March. The retreat is in one month and I haven’t even figured out what I’m going to say yet.

⭐️ Figure out a morning routine that involves stretches and a few of my exercises. My pain differs from day to day, but I think some gentle stretches in the morning might help off-set it if it chooses to appear later in the day.


Full Moon Goals used to be a link-up series, but that will be on hold until I can find a new system that works properly on WordPress. For now, check out Sharnie’s blog =) She’s been posting Full Moon Goals since almost the beginning and will [hopefully] be joining this one.



4 thoughts on “Full Moon Goals: May’s Flower Moon

  1. Thank you so much for the mention! YES I have a goals set up already 😀 but I’m only doing one goal a month (at the moment, that might change). I’m so glad you’re doing it again too ^^ I am such a journal-lover too, so I really feel you when you don’t want to start them because they are way too nice to ruin… xxx


    1. Ha ha, that’s totally my problem with journals! Maybe I’ll do a post about my journals at some point…it’s fun figuring out what to talk about here =)

      I’m so glad you’re joining Full Moon Goals once again! Let me know if you stumble across a link-up system that works on WordPress~ the one I used on Blogger doesn’t show up well =/

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay, will do. I’ll research a bit because I have no idea what people use for that sort of thing! Hope there is an alternative though x


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