Did I just win Mercury Retrograde?


If you ever hear me say “Oh no, Mercury is in retrograde!” please know that I mean that sarcastically. Mercury retrograde is, in my opinion, never as bad as people make it out to be.

Here’s a fancy link on what Mercury retrograde is if you didn’t know.

I did three big things that I wasn’t supposed to do during Mercury retrograde; I had an important discussion, I went on a trip, and I tried to fix my laptop. Only one thing failed!!! (Guess which one technology-inept Fao failed at. Go on, guess.)

I went to Toronto on April 26th, two days before the retrograde period started. And…everything went swell. No lost luggage, missed flights, etc. The worst thing was the woman sitting beside me on the flight back was a weirdo, but I can deal with that.

As previously mentioned, I was on a mision to have several important discussions thanks to losing my fear of being open. I’ve continued to discuss important matters with my lover and that was all very lovely. This might be because he’s super sweet and never gets mad at me but regardldss. In your face, Mercury. I also stomped into my doctor’s office and demanded answers about my chronic pain…and she was hella straight up with me. (She said I’ll be in pain for the rest of my life. AHAHA I love my life.) Then I asked to see a pain specialist…and my doctor agreed and out in a referral! My appointment is on June 15th.

Lastly, my laptop’s power started to fail so I tried to contact Dell about a replacement….the guy I spoke to sold me the wrong ac adapter. Ugh. Then I found out it seems to be my battery which is failing. So I have to send back the adapter, wait for a refund, purchase the battery which is twice as expensive, and hope that all works out. Woo.

So, no, I don’t feel as though the areas ruled by Mercury (communication, technology, travel, etc) went haywire for me when Mercury went retrograde. But it’s nice to blame that stuff on something else 😉





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