Magickal Reviews: Box of Shadows [May 2016]

Resurrecting a tag from my old blog~ Magickal Reviews is where I’ll offer my opinions on all things witchy and wonderful.

Box of Shadows is a monthly subscription box that caters to Pagans. My sister offered to buy one of their boxes for me just to try it out. [We had difficulties finding a Pagan subscription box that also shipped to Canada. Shipping was around $25.] We went for the cheapest box, the Initiate, which was $19.99.


Shipping took about two weeks which was pretty good~


Opening it up….everything was nicely wrapped in yellow tissue paper and it smelled pretty good!


The first thing I pulled out was an Abundance candle by Crystal Journey Candles. I have experience using these candles~ the metaphysical store in town used to stock them. I believe the store owner mentioned something about them being reiki-charged although I can’t find that on the website….regardless. I use the Abundance & Money candles [I stocked up] for every job spell I do! They smell so lovely and I wish shipping for these candles was more affordable.


I have a thousand and one smudge sticks. Ha ha! This one is lovely although it didn’t quite smell like white sage. I think it may have been kept alongside some other herbs? It has a bit of a cinnamon scent to it.


Okay, I think I had another candle with these but my cat took it. Anyway. The next bundle contained five of these lovely ‘chime’ candles. These candles are an excellent size and great for all sorts of candle magick. However, I wish finding candle holders for them was easier! I stock up on these every time I come across them, but I only recently found a pair of candle holders that they tentatively sit in. [The holders were homemade.]


Lovely incense cones that I’m also familiar with~ these cones hold their scent well and burn quite nicely. I’ve never had jasmine incense before so I’m excited to use these.


These is ‘All Purpose Anointing Blend’ oil by Anna Rivas. It is, according to the website, good for consecrating tools, anointing candles, purifying rooms, and ‘enticing an advantageous atmosphere to any room in which it is used’. Unfortunately I could not find a list of ingredients anywhere =/


The Initiate box contains either a gemstone OR a herb of the month~ in this box I received garnet, the stone of the month.


I was pretty excited to receive the ‘surprise worship item’. Last month’s was a lovely wooden pentacle necklace. This month’s was this ah-mazing pentacle ritual spoon! It’s a bit small and I haven’t decided what to do with it yet, but it will look lovely on my altar. [I collect anything with a pentacle on it.]

I’m just estimating, but I believe the contents of this box are definitely over the USD $19.99 price tag!


I don’t have any issues with this box~ it arrived in good time, was well-priced & well-packaged [eco-friendly!], and had great contents. However, the insert in the box merely listed the contents. I saw a video from a beginner witch who mentioned knowing the properties of the stone would be nice~ I don’t particularly need to know the properties after thirteen years of witchy life, but it might be a nice addition! Perhaps a few suggestions for how to use the abundance candle, the ritual spoon, the stone, etc.

I would recommend this box for beginners who are just starting out and for more experienced witches who would like to stock up on some basics! If you’re anything like me, you’re always in need of candles, incense, and gems. I’ll eventually decide how I feel about the oil [I love anointing oils, but not knowing the ingredients is weirding me out], the ritual spoon is ah-mazing and I’m so excited to have another Crystal Journey Candle! [And the sage will join all the other sage bundles in my witch box.]

If I were to order this box again, I’d probably go for a higher tier just for the surprise worship items. Some of the past items for higher tiers have included altar cloths, tiles and candle holders!

You guys can check out Box of Shadows on Tumblr. Keep an eye out for any sales & discount codes they might post!



2 thoughts on “Magickal Reviews: Box of Shadows [May 2016]

  1. Oooh I love this! I always wanted to try a witchy subscription box but again shipping to the UK can sometimes be hard to find.
    Wonderful worship items and can never get enough candles! But you’re right, not knowing the anointing ingredients is annoying as hell, and the information like that should be there. What if we were allergic or something? X


    1. I’m not sure how much shipping would be for you with this particular company (Box of Shadows is located in Georgia, USA), but there is a UK-based Pagan subscription box! Google ‘Pagan Parcel’. I’ll be subscribing to that one soon!
      If I were more familiar with oils, maybe I could decipher the scent….but nada. It does smell nice, though!

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