Life lately.

Whenever Sharnie blogs I start to feel really guilty about how little I blog 😂 So here’s an update on my life lately.


It’s been raining on and off here this week. My poor guinea pigs haven’t been able to go outside to graze =( And all my cat Amane wants to do is snuggle.

This week I have two major things to do, which is kinda two things too many for me.

On the 15th I’ll be heading to the city for an appointment with a sports medicine doctor. If you’ll recall, I vowed to make an appointment regarding my chronic pain. As soon as I sat down in the doctor’s office, she said “You’re always going to be in pain. That’s it.” AHAHAHA SO NICE I LOVE MY LIFE. So I asked if I could see a pain specialist to help me deal with the emotional side effects of living with chronic pain. My doc said sure..and referred me to a sports medicine doctor in the city.

A sports medicine doctor is just a little different from a pain specialist. Just a little. =/ I didn’t realize this until I called to confirm the appointment and realized I had been referred to the sports medicine department and not the pain management clinic. Oh well. I guess I’ll just add one sports medicine doctor to the long list of three family doctors, three massage therapists, two physiotherapists and one chiropractor who have been mystified by my chronic pain.

At least I get to go to the city again. I’m looking forward to visiting a mall I rarely get to see since it’s in the South side of the city, and going to Stella’s for lunch as opposed to the usual food court fare everyone else wants.

On the 17th I’ll be attending the Solstice Soul Sisters retreat as a presenter. I was invited to teach a workshop on magickal herbalism and I’m just a wee bit nervous. The retreat is three days long at a private cabin and includes meditations, yoga and several more workshops on chakra work, Hawaiian shamanism, annnd I forget what Esme will be teaching…Anyway.

I’m thinking it might be time to start working on index cards for my presentation. I’m a bit worried my stuff won’t be what they’re expecting since they thought I did ‘aromatherapy’, which is a bit different from ‘throw all the peppermint everywhere for all the money’. Oh well. We’ll see.

And, as usual, I’m constantly juggling my full-time retail job, my full-time guinea pig rescue and my never-ending quest to purge my closet.



One thought on “Life lately.

  1. Haha thank you for the mention! No need to feel guilty 🙂 I lead a very odd internet-obsessed life and it’s probably v. boring. Are you going to video any of your presenting/herbalism teaching!? I’d LOOOOOVE to learn from you! 😀 xxx


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