Tarot Reading Flash sale for Amane’s Vet Bills!


Amane is my one year old Siamese cat. Her name can mean two different things depending on the kanji used; either ‘sound of sea’ or ‘sound of sky’. I brought her home in August 2012 ❤️ More than just a cat, Amane quickly proved herself to be my familiar, aiding in my magickal workings. She respects my magickal tools and lends her energy to my readings. She has also become my emotional support animal, contributing to easing my panic disorder and depression. In short, she’s a pretty special cat.

Amane and I watching Vikings. She doesn’t approve of violence 😂

On Wednesday evening I was worried by the way Amane was suddenly acting. She was lethargic, had no interest in beating up the kitten, and was barely eating. Thursday morning as I called the vet, Amane climbed out of bed and slowly walked past me like a little old lady. We promptly made an appointment for Friday morning. (Our vet is in the next town and I couldn’t get my shift covered in time.)

By Friday morning some of Amane’s energy had returned and she managed to eat an entire can of wet cat food, but I was still concerned. At the vet, all of her vitals returned fairly normally. Our competent vet gave her a thorough examination and proclaimed that Amane was extremely sore, either from a rough fight or a really bad fall! He also noted she was a bit dehydrated, possibly due to her refusal to move from the bed these last few days.

Our vet recommended Amane stay overnight to receive fluids via IV and to get some additional blood work done. She was also microchipped this morning. My vet is awesome and very straight forward about essential tests as well as the cost. Of course, no cost is too high to ensure my Amane has the hest quality of life. I agreed with his recommendations and left Amane to her treatments. My sister will be picking her up this afernoon and bringing her home.

Now my little cat is worth $1100 not including tax 😂  Thankfully I had some savings left over after MY month of medical appointments so I was able to make a down payment. Our vet is allowing me to pay off the rest at a later date, but I’m hoping to get it done ASAP. In addition to working every day for the next two weeks, I am also offering a FLASH SALE on my three card, one question Tarot readings!


To quickly raise funds for my familiar’s vet appointment, The Faolan Girl is offering a three card, one question Tarot reading for CAD $7.50! (Regular price is CAD $10.50) Payment accepted via Paypal =)

This listing is for a three card Tarot reading regarding one question of your choice. You may provide as many details as you’d like if it is regarding a specific situation, or few details if it is regarding a general situation.

I will read your cards within 72 hours. A photo of the spread and an interpretation of your reading will be e-mailed or messaged to you.

Other items such as crystals and candles will be used to enhance the readings at no additional cost. Any further questions you have regarding your reading (for clarity) will be answered at no additional cost.

I work with seven decks – the Rider-Waite, the Hanson-Roberts, Tarot of the Pagan Cats, the Shadowscapes, the Joie de Vivre, the Oceanic Tarot and the Raven’s Prophecy. If there is one deck you are particular to, please let me know when you contact me. Otherwise I will choose the deck I feel is best suited for your reading.


You can comment below with an e-mail address I can reach you at if you’d like to purchase, or you can reach me on my FB business page, The Faolan Girl http://www.facebook.com/thefaolangirl

Amane and I thank you in advance for your support!


2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading Flash sale for Amane’s Vet Bills!

    1. Thanks, love <3! I see you've made your way to my FB page. As of right now, I have spell bottles [10 ml size for $6.50 and 30 ml size for $13.50] andspell bags [no actual size, handmade bag with herbs and a stone or two or three for $12] readily available. They can be crafted for any intention.

      I do have a smalll selection of gemstone pendants [crystal points and crystal balls encircled with dragons] but right now I have one tiger's eye crystal ball for $10.50. All prices are in Canadian dollars and don't include shipping!

      Oh. And I have small smudge shells and wild-crafted lavender & sage smudge for $7.50! No pics yet on the page.


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