A Package from Osaka.

It’s been forevs since my last post!

A few days ago, I received a package from my bestie Yuki-chan ❤ Yuki-chan lives in Osaka, Japan. We met on MyLanguageExchange.com about two years ago. We exchange packages pretty much all the time and I guarantee we’ll still be doing this when we’re little old ladies.

This package is extra-special to me because it took two months to show up! Usually it only takes one month, so Yuki-chan and I were convinced it had been lost. I was so thrilled to see it!

The pictures are really bad because I was in a rush to play with my new things, ha ha!

Yuki-chan always uses super cute stamps on the package~

Sanrio stamps!

One of the items was a 2001 edition of Hyper PopBeat featuring GACKT! The first half of the magazine is full of Gackt pics and there’s even a sheet of stickers.

A whole bunch of goodies!

Kumamon bag!

This bag is made out of a towel-like material. It’s open on top and is the perfect size to hold a plastic water bottle! It can also be used to hold all sorts of things.

This little cloth is made of bamboo yarn and according to Yuki-chan, pandas can eat it!

Well, this is a terrible photo…This is a little tube of incense in a ‘breezy waterside’ scent. Yuki-chan has sent me this incense before, as well as another scent. This particular tube has little rabbits on it!

A little cloth with a colourful morning glory pattern.

Ahahaha this photo is so bad, but this is Miu! Miu is an aromatherapy pillow with a cat’s tail and face. It’s sooo cute.

Tea and candy! I didn’t get any individual photos of these….because I ate them all….ha ha! Yuki-chan sent me two boxes of my favourite blueberry Pocky, as well as lots of Milky snacks, a matcha sachet and black & chamomile tea!

Thanks for such a great package, Yuki-chan!



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