Summer 2016


Ah, summer. Summer has been pretty much nonexistent for the last five years for me, thanks to working in retail. Thankfully, my new retail job is a bit more lenient! This summer I wasn’t working 44 hours a week, six days a week, holidays included, and nor was I deficient in any nutrients that caused the entire left side of my body to go numb. (Shoutout to summer 2015!)

Unfortunately, the summer student we hired to work weekends ended up joining a volleyball team that trained every Saturday. My sister and niece live in the next town and only visit every weekend, so I didn’t get to do as much stuff as I would’ve liked to with my niece.

Here are the highlights of my Summer 2016…

Solstice Soul Sisters Retreat – June 17th – June 19th

I was invited to present a workshop on magickal herbalism at a lovely retreat in a private cabin. I brought my sister along with me and we decided we’d camp in a tent since we haven’t camped in years.

The retreat was so lovely and I left feeling a sense of unity and sisterhood with every woman who participated! Nothing beats early morning yoga alongside the water, tea leaf readings in my own private gazebo, dishes of amazingly yummy food and all the laughter and memories shared with my sisterhood.

Winnipeg Zoo – June 25th


On a rare Saturday off, I went to the zoo in the city with my niece, my bestie and her daughter. After the zoo we went for lunch and then we went to Build-A-Bear. I’ll be honest….that’s probably the last outing I will ever take with my bestie’s kid. But at least my niece had fun, behaved and made herself a very nice bear that she promptly named ‘Twilight Sparkle’.

Coney Island Beach – July 3rd


We somehow lucked out on this day and went to the beach when all the tourists were elsewhere! My niece is a fish and loved playing in the water. We made her into a mermaid with sand, and I did Tarot readings on the beach.

Steinbach shopping trip – July 4th


My mother and I both had this day off, so we decided to go on a shopping trip in Steinbach, Manitoba. I hadn’t been here in years and I was so surprised by how far they’ve come! (It’s a predominantly Mennonite community~ I remember the struggle years ago for them to bring in a liquor store.) We visited a few locally owned shops, including a scrapbooking shop that I fell in love with, and had the best lunch at a coffee shop. It was also ridiculously hot this day D= I finally got a new pair of Converse in ‘black cherry’.

[This is the only photo I got of our day. Seriously. BUT LOOK AT OUR DELICIOUS LUNCH.]

Watched the Perseids – August 11th


My bestie and I watch the Perseids meteor shower every year. Unfortunately, soon after sunset the clouds started rolling in! We managed to see a few meteors before calling it a night.

Gem & Mineral Show – August 13th


Probably one of the best days of my summer! A rock shop from a few towns over came to host a show. I won a Thunder Bay Amethyst on their FB page so they brought it to the show for me to pick up, and I managed to spend close to a hundred dollars on crystals 😂 I got a bunch of beauties that I’ve been coveting for a long time~ black quartz, septarian, bismuth, etc…

Dryden Fair – August 27th


I managed to get the last three Saturdays of August off. On the 27th, we headed to my sister’s town to see the fair! The fair here in town is literally just a fair, with mechancial rides and a petting zoo. But in Dryden, which is a bit more rural, they also have a horse show, animals from the 4H club and vendors! My niece loved going on the rides and I loved seeing the chickens. The only photo I took is from when we had breakfast at Kokum’s Bannock Shack.


All in all, I guess it was a fun summer! I would’ve liked to go to the beach more [not that I swim], but maybe next year. I also spent plenty of time outside with my piggies and in the woods, and I’ve been making an effort to get my niece outside as well! We still have a few nice days left that I’ve been using to get everything set for winter. Gotta cover up the holes Yao dug by the pear tree, insulate the bottom of the barn, get my bales of hay for winter, pull out my riding boots, etc…..



2 thoughts on “Summer 2016

  1. Love this summer update – what a fab idea! 😀 I’d love to see your crystal collection, I have such little space in my room to keep crystals so I don’t have many, especially not many on display. I’m getting crystal envy!! ^^


    1. Thanks, doll! I think I might do a crystal post soon~ I don’t really collect any of the big stuff like massive selenite towers, but I do have a few nice pieces I’m proud of!


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