September’s Full Moon Goals


Back at it with my Full Moon Goals! I had a very brief stint where I tried out New Moon Intentions as well, but not all of my achievements center around the metaphysical! I find it easier to benchmark my goals using the Full Moon as well as add a few decidedly non-witchy goals.

My goals for September’s Full Moon…

⭐️ Use the full moon’s energy to release what no longer serves me and make a solid plan for moving forward. I’ve been struggling with this decision for months, and doing plenty of magickal work to help me out. I’m not quite ready to make it ‘official’ but I know this moon will make things a little easier.

⭐️ Take a good, hard look at the material possessions I want or already have and decide if they bring me joy/serve a purpose OR if I have them just to impress somebody. I read about this somewhere and it really made me think. I bought an Instax Mini years ago when they first came out, and it still works. But a while ago I decided I wanted one of the fancy new purple ones….for no reason other than it’s purple and fancy. It’s time to rework my shopping list and go thrugh my possessions!

⭐️ Read 12 books by the end of the month. Eventually I’d like to rearrange my bookshelf and pull out all the books I haven’t read yet. But in general, reading 12 books is my main goal. Currently reading ‘Time of the Witches’ by Anna Myers.

⭐️ Add the finishing touched to my Samhain kits and start selling them! Ooh, I’m so excited. I’ve been kinda slacking on the witchy retail front lately~ the last product I created for The Faolan Girl was a set of chakra kits back in May.

⭐️ Stick to my budget this paycheque. Yes, I finally sat down and wrote out a budget for myself. It makes sense and you’d think I could’ve stuck to it the first time around…..but I spent 80 bucks on witchy suppplies, bought a new Tarot deck, and spent my last twenty bucks on a set of runes 😂😂😂

I think that’s enough goals for now 👍




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