Reigniting my self-care practice

Self-care is such a difficult concept for me. Like, I’m taking care??? Of myself? It always takes me a while to get comfortable with the idea that I deserve me-time. And then, of course, I let my self-care be pushed aside by my incessant drive to work and do things for everyone around me.

Self-care is important for everyone, but for me it’s especially helpful in managing my chronic pain and depression.

Here are a few things that I have been or will be incorporating into my self-care practice.

No more pain pills. This was an incredibly daunting decision that was not easy to make…but I have now been pill-free since October 22nd. I was experiencing some unpleasant side effects from the pills my doctor recommended I take for my chronic pain. I decided I’d be able to self-manage my pain, identify my triggers and assess my pain levels better if I wasn’t drugged up all the time so I quit cold turkey.

Now I can tell immediately when I’m pushing my body past its limits and I can take action. I also have a clearer head and less fatigue.

Natural healing for my migraines. My migraines are hereditary so I can’t tell if the killer migraines I’ve been experiencing lately are normal or from the pill withdrawal. Regardless, I can’t (/won’t) take anything for them now. A customer recommended the Headache Relief Kit from Saje Natural Wellness. I’ve used EOs for my migraines before so I was more than willing to try the kit out.

The kit comes with a roll-on bottle, a pen that can be dabbed directly on the scalp, and an anti-stress mist. My migraines aren’t triggered by stress so I don’t use the mist often. The pen, however, is a literal life-saver. I like that I can use it to target certain spots on my head and it isn’t greasy. I also loovee the handy little kit everything comes in. These products relieve my migraines in as little as half an hour.

Use my bath bombs instead of hoarding them. Idk why I always do this?! Why would I spend seven bucks on a bath bomb if I didn’t intend to use it?! Ugh. Now I use a bath bomb every time I have a bath. I usually mix in Epsom salts as well for pain relief.

I love bath bombs that turn the water nice colours. Lush is my go-to and some of my favourites are Lord of Misrule, Sunnyside and Twilight.

Splurge on super-cozy socks. I hate having cold toes. This winter I discovered how amazing Kodiak socks are now that I’m willing to spend a bit more. I can’t report on durability and longevity yet as I’ve only had an assortment of these socks for a month, but they really are so cozy!

Stay hydrated. Yet another thing I’m bad at. I read somewhere that when your lips are dry, you should reach for your water bottle first, so I’ve been making an effort to do so. I carry my water bottle everywhere and refill it the second I’m done. I did use an app at first but it was too much pressure, so now I just go by how I feel.

Journaling. This is rather daunting for me as I stopped keeping a journal seven years ago. I don’t necessarily mean journaling as a way to work through my issues; I’d also like to look back on my life. I have several beautiful journals that are yet to be written in. I’m sure one of them will do the trick!

Read. All too often I get sucked into the rabbit hole that is the internet. I love reading and I have the books to prove it. I’m going to read whenever I catch myself clicking between the same internet tabs over and over. I ended up getting a library card once I realized our library has been updated and carries so many great books now!


Pretty basic but remember, I’m just getting into the swing of things! Perhaps I can make an updated post in a few months =)

How do you practice self-care?


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