My Birthday Month: Week 1

February 1st: I treated myself to a grilled cheese panini and a matcha latte at my favourite coffee shop 😍 this picture is mainly to show how ridiculous their counter is πŸ˜‚ Their old location had the perfect street-view. Oh well! I came in an hour before closing and pretty much had the place to myself.

I also hung out with my bestie on this day but we didn’t do anything note-worthy.

February 2nd: I bought myself flowers to celebrate Imbolc. I wanted potted daffodils but they were all sold out, so I got some cut flowers to make a small arrangement.

I also purchased Gala Darling’s RSL Almanac. I haven’t fully delved into it yet! I’m hoping to print it out.

February 3rd: I put together some glamour bombs to surprise my girls on Valentine’s Day! Yeah, I consider random acts of beauty & kindness to be a form of treating myself. Making the people I care about happy makes me happy! It’s been so long since I decorated any envelopes so it was fun pulling out my washi tape and stamp pens.

February 4th: I decided I deserved some new make-up! I managed to refrain from buying any lipstick, however πŸ˜‚ [FYI: The mascara sucks. Sad monkey.]

Pre-birthday gifts: These beaded owl earrings were a gift from my sister. I’ve coveted them since last December 😍 they’re handmade by a lady in town.

I’m looking forward to everything I have planned this week =D



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