My Birthday Month: Week 2

February 5th: On this day I went shopping with my sis and decided to treat myself to two new bralettes! Omg they’re so pretty.


February 6th: Idk if this photo is terrible? On this day I went out for dinner with my bestie. The restaurant I wanted to go to was closed and unfortunately we don’t have much of a selection in town. We ended up at Boston Pizza where I got my usual Thai chicken bites – and proceeded to whine about how my mouth was on fire, as usual 😂

February 7th: I finally cleaned out my card wall! I had cards up there that had no meaning for me, so I finally scrapped them. I thought this meant I’d have more room but apparently not 😂 I think I need to rearrange my wall a bit to fit another ribbon up.


February 8th: I used one of my new bath bombs from Lend Me Some Sugar in combination with Pain Release bath salts from Saje. This bomb was ‘French Pear’ and it turned the water an amazing glittery blue! The bomb contained a copper gemstone ring from Kitson Blue.


February 9th: I have entirely too many expensive body products that I rarely use. Isn’t that silly?! I used this lotion after a good dry brushing session. I can’t say if it works super well but that’s okay – I got it on clearance for $3!


February 10th: I needed to relax after a high pain week. My niece and sis are here for the weekend so I watched my favourite movie, Alice in Wonderland, with my niece and my Ches plushie 💖

February 11th: Another low-key evening to finish off my week. I didn’t get an actual photo, but on the 11th I finally watched the third episode of the new season of the Magicians. omg, so many shockers!

Pre-birthday Gifts: I purchased three bath bombs from Lend Me Some Sugar Spa Cosmetics, a small business in the next city. I told them I was spoiling myself for my birthday so they upgraded one of the bath bombs and threw in a free lip scrub 😍

I wrote on FB that I wanted stickers for my planner, so Mesha-chan shared some of her stash with me! Mesha and I were penpals years ago. Now we keep in touch via Fb, so it was nice receiving something in the mail from her 💖

I haven’t purchased from Sugarpill in forevs so I decided to buy their Trinket lip colour. It arrived….and instantly rekindled my love for Sugarpill. I’m already planning my next order 😂



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