My Birthday Month: Week 4

February 19th: Almost there! On Sunday I had a little DIY spa night with my fav LUSH face mask, Rosy Cheeks. This is one of my favourite masks to use in the winter.

February 20th: Last year I decided to learn how to frost a cupcake. My mom and sis bought me lots of decorating supplies that I never used…😂 The 20th was Family Day so I decided to frost my first cupcakes in a loong time. I was trying to emulate a delicious cream cheese frosting the old bakery in town had but to no avail. This frosting was entirely too runny. But at least it was yummy! (The cupcakes are red velvet.)

February 21st – 22nd: I didn’t do anything terribly exciting on these days, hence the lack of photos.

February 23rd: I planned to purchase a completely different colour of nail polish, but I loved the shimmer in this one! I also bought a dark red/gold shimmery polish.

February 24th: I can’t actually recall what I did on this day, but I did go out for dinner at the Cornerstone again! This time I got the almond chicken. omg it was amazing. 

February 25th: On this day I purchased a face mask I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I’m kinda obsessed with sheet masks! I haven’t had a chance to use it yet~

I think I’ll update the 26th & the 27th later =)




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