My Birthday Weekend ❤

My birthday weekend started on February 26th since most of my family was home. (My sister and niece live in the next town and visit every weekend.)

I woke up in a bit of a slump (Pisces energy? Solar eclipse?) so I busted out this lovely candle I’ve been saving.

Cake and presents! I didn’t want a cake at first but my sister bought this tiny pink cake for me. I didn’t take photos of every individual present~ I got a lot of owl stuff, the most beautiful wooden feather earrings, and a huge make-up case.

I asked for stickers, so my sister and niece went wild at the dollar store. They also gave me a set of gel pens for my planner. 

They also gave me a ‘grow owl’! It’s such an adorable gift. You stick it in water and an owl comes out of the stump. I’m hoping it will be out by tonight.

I had originally planned to go to Winnipeg for my birthday. I was going to buy macarons from a bakery and I was pretty excited about it. Sadly those plans fell through…but my sis and I found a lady in town who makes ’em! We ordered a dozen in three flavours: pistacho, vanilla and lavender. So yummy!

I bought myself this soda…it tastes exactly like cake 😂😂😂

A few gifts from my girls ❤ Yuki-chan sent me a package that had two gifts in it for my birthday. Everything she chose was symbolic: a Hello Kitty frying pan for health and happiness, Hello Kitty nail polish and Canmake mascara for beauty and charm, and a deck of Vampire Knight playing cards for luck. Isn’t that great?! The pop-up card is also from Yuki-chan. The necklace was one of my gifts from Roku ❤

My last birthday treat to myself – which i didn’t take a photo of – was a cherry blossom scented shampoo and conditioner set from OGX. I’ve wanted it forever because I love cherry blossoms. 

My month of birthday celebrations – aka self-care- was a fun experiment. I had to stop and consciously make decisions as to how I would treat myself each day, which made everything that much more special. I think I’d like to try a week of self-care every month now. I have so many ideas that I didn’t get to do!

I hope you enjoyed following along on my birthday month ❤




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