Things I Love Thursday ❤ [08.24.2017]

❤ Being steadily booked for tea leaf readings. ❤ Focusing on positive self-care. ❤ Bannock for breakfast. ❤ My fox-shaped heating bag. ❤ Marathoning Game of Thrones. ❤ Big cups of green tea. ❤ Taking my mom and niece to the zoo. ❤ Snow leopards. ❤ Collecting acorns. ❤ New books for hella cheap. ❤ Piles of journals and knowing what I want to do with them. ❤ I got two new piercings! ❤ Misty mornings and spiderwebs covered in dew. ❤ Writing my first TiLT in so many months. ❤ 




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