My Birthday Weekend ❤

My birthday weekend started on February 26th since most of my family was home. (My sister and niece live in the next town and visit every weekend.)

I woke up in a bit of a slump (Pisces energy? Solar eclipse?) so I busted out this lovely candle I’ve been saving.

Cake and presents! I didn’t want a cake at first but my sister bought this tiny pink cake for me. I didn’t take photos of every individual present~ I got a lot of owl stuff, the most beautiful wooden feather earrings, and a huge make-up case.

I asked for stickers, so my sister and niece went wild at the dollar store. They also gave me a set of gel pens for my planner. 

They also gave me a ‘grow owl’! It’s such an adorable gift. You stick it in water and an owl comes out of the stump. I’m hoping it will be out by tonight.

I had originally planned to go to Winnipeg for my birthday. I was going to buy macarons from a bakery and I was pretty excited about it. Sadly those plans fell through…but my sis and I found a lady in town who makes ’em! We ordered a dozen in three flavours: pistacho, vanilla and lavender. So yummy!

I bought myself this soda…it tastes exactly like cake 😂😂😂

A few gifts from my girls ❤ Yuki-chan sent me a package that had two gifts in it for my birthday. Everything she chose was symbolic: a Hello Kitty frying pan for health and happiness, Hello Kitty nail polish and Canmake mascara for beauty and charm, and a deck of Vampire Knight playing cards for luck. Isn’t that great?! The pop-up card is also from Yuki-chan. The necklace was one of my gifts from Roku ❤

My last birthday treat to myself – which i didn’t take a photo of – was a cherry blossom scented shampoo and conditioner set from OGX. I’ve wanted it forever because I love cherry blossoms. 

My month of birthday celebrations – aka self-care- was a fun experiment. I had to stop and consciously make decisions as to how I would treat myself each day, which made everything that much more special. I think I’d like to try a week of self-care every month now. I have so many ideas that I didn’t get to do!

I hope you enjoyed following along on my birthday month ❤



My Birthday Month: Week 4

February 19th: Almost there! On Sunday I had a little DIY spa night with my fav LUSH face mask, Rosy Cheeks. This is one of my favourite masks to use in the winter.

February 20th: Last year I decided to learn how to frost a cupcake. My mom and sis bought me lots of decorating supplies that I never used…😂 The 20th was Family Day so I decided to frost my first cupcakes in a loong time. I was trying to emulate a delicious cream cheese frosting the old bakery in town had but to no avail. This frosting was entirely too runny. But at least it was yummy! (The cupcakes are red velvet.)

February 21st – 22nd: I didn’t do anything terribly exciting on these days, hence the lack of photos.

February 23rd: I planned to purchase a completely different colour of nail polish, but I loved the shimmer in this one! I also bought a dark red/gold shimmery polish.

February 24th: I can’t actually recall what I did on this day, but I did go out for dinner at the Cornerstone again! This time I got the almond chicken. omg it was amazing. 

February 25th: On this day I purchased a face mask I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I’m kinda obsessed with sheet masks! I haven’t had a chance to use it yet~

I think I’ll update the 26th & the 27th later =)



My Birthday Month: Week 3

February 12th: This was the laziest day. I actually didn’t do anything to celebrate myself. I mainly lazed about with my cat. But lazy days are okay sometimes!

February 13th: I’ve been looking forward to this day! I took my mother out for lunch at The Cornerstore, a lovely restaurant that I don’t visit enough. I ordered my beloved coconut shrimp and we also got a plate of pub nachos to share 😍

February 14th: Usually I dress up for Valentine’s day but I didn’t have anything work appropriate. So I decided to give myself a manicure instead! I used to love painting my nails but I don’t devote much time to it anymore.

February 15th: On this day I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time….I reorganized my crystals! I have them all organized alphabetically, but when I bought new crystals I didn’t bother rearranging. I finally sat down and did it! I can’t wait til the next full moon to cleanse everything. My raw stones are in a glass display case and my skulls, spheres, hearts and palm stones are scattered on my altar.

February 16th: This wasn’t necessarily an activity I wanted to do, but it needed to get done. On this day I completed two lessons of my schoolwork before my chronic pain started acting up. I haven’t completed any work since I registered to finish school because I’ve been afraid of aggravating my pain. It was a tough process but I did it! 

February 17th: Not necessarily a celebration, but lately I’ve been taking time to appreciate the little things – like this beautiful sunset!

February 18th: The temperature has been above 0 lately! I had a matcha Frappucinno to celebrate 🤗

Pre-birthday Gifts: I purchased this gorgeous satchel from an eBay store. It’s actually humongous and I’m kinda daunted by it 😂 But I’m looking forward to using it! 

Technically this isn’t a pre-birthday gift because I’m respecting Yuki’s wishes and waiting until my birthday! Yuki sent two gifts like this. Patience is not my strongest suit…😂

Some thoughts: I’ve seen some cranky posts on the internet about how dumb birthday months/weeks are, and I think that is a dumb mindset. Celebrating my birthday all month long is a way of mindfully incorporating self-care into my daily routine.

I’ve changed a few small things in my routine now. I take time to enjoy my food and listen to my body. This is so important to me because in the past, I’d eat as much as I could in one sitting and end up stuffed. I also take time to enjoy a special hot drink every work day. I often drink green tea at work, but lately I’ve been enjoying cocoa and drink packages Yuki sends me from Japan. 

I’ve also been working out and paying attention to how my body feels. I’ve been lifting weights, trying out new yoga routines, challenging myself with more squats and push-ups, and enjoying how strong I feel! 

I stopped wearing make-up on a daily basis about two years ago. I like looking like me all the time! But I also love bold lipstick and popping eyeshadows, so lately I’ve been taking the time to do my make-up. Not every day, mind you; I don’t have the patience to painstakingly remove mascara every night 😂 although I do wear my beloved Trinket lippy every day!

Lastly, I’ve been taking care of my skin. I wash and moisturize my face twice a day, but the rest of me tends to get ignored…especially in the winter! I’ve been incorporating dry brushing my legs and body oils into my nightly routine now.

My Birthday Month: Week 2

February 5th: On this day I went shopping with my sis and decided to treat myself to two new bralettes! Omg they’re so pretty.


February 6th: Idk if this photo is terrible? On this day I went out for dinner with my bestie. The restaurant I wanted to go to was closed and unfortunately we don’t have much of a selection in town. We ended up at Boston Pizza where I got my usual Thai chicken bites – and proceeded to whine about how my mouth was on fire, as usual 😂

February 7th: I finally cleaned out my card wall! I had cards up there that had no meaning for me, so I finally scrapped them. I thought this meant I’d have more room but apparently not 😂 I think I need to rearrange my wall a bit to fit another ribbon up.


February 8th: I used one of my new bath bombs from Lend Me Some Sugar in combination with Pain Release bath salts from Saje. This bomb was ‘French Pear’ and it turned the water an amazing glittery blue! The bomb contained a copper gemstone ring from Kitson Blue.


February 9th: I have entirely too many expensive body products that I rarely use. Isn’t that silly?! I used this lotion after a good dry brushing session. I can’t say if it works super well but that’s okay – I got it on clearance for $3!


February 10th: I needed to relax after a high pain week. My niece and sis are here for the weekend so I watched my favourite movie, Alice in Wonderland, with my niece and my Ches plushie 💖

February 11th: Another low-key evening to finish off my week. I didn’t get an actual photo, but on the 11th I finally watched the third episode of the new season of the Magicians. omg, so many shockers!

Pre-birthday Gifts: I purchased three bath bombs from Lend Me Some Sugar Spa Cosmetics, a small business in the next city. I told them I was spoiling myself for my birthday so they upgraded one of the bath bombs and threw in a free lip scrub 😍

I wrote on FB that I wanted stickers for my planner, so Mesha-chan shared some of her stash with me! Mesha and I were penpals years ago. Now we keep in touch via Fb, so it was nice receiving something in the mail from her 💖

I haven’t purchased from Sugarpill in forevs so I decided to buy their Trinket lip colour. It arrived….and instantly rekindled my love for Sugarpill. I’m already planning my next order 😂


My Birthday Month: Week 1

February 1st: I treated myself to a grilled cheese panini and a matcha latte at my favourite coffee shop 😍 this picture is mainly to show how ridiculous their counter is 😂 Their old location had the perfect street-view. Oh well! I came in an hour before closing and pretty much had the place to myself.

I also hung out with my bestie on this day but we didn’t do anything note-worthy.

February 2nd: I bought myself flowers to celebrate Imbolc. I wanted potted daffodils but they were all sold out, so I got some cut flowers to make a small arrangement.

I also purchased Gala Darling’s RSL Almanac. I haven’t fully delved into it yet! I’m hoping to print it out.

February 3rd: I put together some glamour bombs to surprise my girls on Valentine’s Day! Yeah, I consider random acts of beauty & kindness to be a form of treating myself. Making the people I care about happy makes me happy! It’s been so long since I decorated any envelopes so it was fun pulling out my washi tape and stamp pens.

February 4th: I decided I deserved some new make-up! I managed to refrain from buying any lipstick, however 😂 [FYI: The mascara sucks. Sad monkey.]

Pre-birthday gifts: These beaded owl earrings were a gift from my sister. I’ve coveted them since last December 😍 they’re handmade by a lady in town.

I’m looking forward to everything I have planned this week =D


Happy February!

February is one of my favourite months for two reasons: Valentine’s Day and my birthday! I strongly believe in celebrating birthdays.

This year I decided I’d spoil myself for the week leading up to my birthday (February 27th) but then I had an even greater idea….why not spoil myself for the entire month?! 

My first order of business was to do a bit of online shopping. I haven’t yet decided if I should open my packages as they arrive, hoard them until my birthday, or dedicate one day a week to opening them. I currently have three packages enroute that I’m very excited about!

Secondly, I’m filling out my planner with something lovely to treat myself with every day. I’ll update the blog weekly about what I’ve done. My treats range from DIY spa nights to sending Valentines to going for long walks in the woods. Yay!

I’ll see ya in a few days with my update about my first few days of birthday celebrations.



Life Update~

A general update on how life has been lately….

Work is excellent, as always. I’m so lucky to work with such a fabulous boss, excellent customers and clothes I love wearing! Probably my fav thing is the fact that it’s a local store and my boss has lived here his whole life – thus, he understands why sales are slow during certain months. [Unlike my last job, where we constantly faced threats from our big-city DM & head office about low sales. It’s not like we could physically force people inside the mall during a blizzard. Geez.]

However, I’m currently looking for a second job in town to fill up my evenings. I’m used to working 44 hours a week. I can’t help it.

I created a budget for myself a few months ago. I used the 50/30/20 rule I found online somewhere but flipped it to suit my needs. I spend 50% of my paycheque on essentials, 30% goes into savings, and the remaining 20% can be used for ‘fun’ stuff. I started out by taking my essentials out in cash and dividing it into envelopes to be used each week; ie., $30 for the guinea pigs’ veggies every week [$60 a paycheque]. After a while I got used to it and I’ve since scrapped the envelopes.

I’ve also implemented a few money-saving tactics. My most exciting idea was to get a library card! I’ve read pretty much every book on my shelf and sold or donated nearly two hundred books last year. I decided it was time to get some new books so I headed to my fav online used bookstore and started filling up my cart. Then a few days later I decided on a whim to check if the library in town had any of the books I wanted…..and they had nearly every single one! The only books they don’t carry are witch books but that’s fine by me because I’d like to have them in a physical collection. I had over twenty-five books in my cart for a hundred bucks before getting my library card. I was able to take out six books for FREE with my card and have since edited my cart to just the witch books.

I’m attempting [per usual] to sort out my wardrobe and get started on a capsule wardrobe. This concept used to freak me out. I mean, having ONLY fifty items ALL YEAR ROUND? Excuse you, I live in Canada. The temps go from -40 in the winter and +30 in the summer. There are certain items I require each season, y’know? But then I discovered seasonal capsule wardrobes which are more my speed.

Of course, I can’t find a checklist online for a winter capsule wardrobe which would make things so much easier for me.

My pets are the same as usual~ I’ve decided I am at my limit of guinea pigs [ten] and won’t be bringing any more into rescue unless they desperately require it. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before but I dedicate my time to taking in guinea pigs who have been neglected whether intentionally or unintentionally. Many of the guinea pigs that come to me are over-stressed from moving houses over and over again as people realize they don’t have the time to care for a guinea pig, or from living with over-zealous roommates who beat them up. I rehabilitate them, re-socialize them, and sometimes, if required, nurse them back to health. Then they stay with me until the end of their days.

Spiritually speaking, I’m looking forward to making bigger, better magick this year. I’m experimenting with a few new products to sell on my FB page, the Faolan Girl, and I’m hoping I’ll be invited to participate in the Mind Body Spirit Fair again this year. Last November I was invited to a sacred circle dance hosted by my soul-sister, Esmé, where I led one small part of the ritual. Afterwards I got to talking with Es, April & Roberta [two new friends] about all things witchy. Turns out Esmé has been mulling over the idea of a witchy school and wanted to ask me to help teach a class on magickal herbalism! I’m really hoping that gets rolling this year.

Well. I think we’re all caught up now.