My Haul from the Gem & Mineral Show

This post is a thousand years late.

In August, I went to a gem & mineral show that was held in my tiny town. The place was PACKED, surprisingly! I went with my sis and niece, bought a few goodies and left….then went back with my mom to buy even more goodies 😂 I ended up spending close to a hundred bucks there!

We do have a metaphysical store in town that carries a great selection of tumbled gemstones and a few pricier items~ but this gem show had so many lovely items. It was held by a family-owned gem store a few towns over. I hope I can visit their physical location soon!


I was lucky enough to win this Thunder Bay amethyst on their Facebook page 😍 Thunder Bay, Ontario is home to the most beautiful amethysts and this stone came from one of their mines. Amethyst is my power stone and even when I’m not using it in my magickal workings, I’ll still have every variation of it littered around me.

Amethyst is excellent for increasing spiritual awareness, repelling negativity and bringing in alll the good stuff.


Gemstone hearts! Left is an incredible moss agate and right is bloodstone. I was really drawn to bloodstone in August. Bloodstone is used for strength and stress relief.


A close-up of my moss agate. Moss agate is good for cultivating friendships. I also place a tumbled moss agate in all of my herb pots to encourage growth.


Duo black quartz point from Arkansas. I carried these all around the show, then went to put them back….but two guys were standing in front of the black quartz display, and I knew I’d be upset if I put this back and they grabbed it, ha ha!

Black quartz is a powerful tool for purifying and repelling negativity. It also balances all chakras.


Septarian! This powerful healing stone is good for muscle spasms and general well-being.


I bought the tiniest bottle of peacock ore chips for no reason other than the fact that I like tiny things 😂

Peacock ore – also known as bornite – is the ultimate witch’s stone. It heals, brings clarity & wisdom, aligns your chakras, and adds an extra boost to all spellwork.

K2 Jasper [left] and blue kyanite [right]. My kyanite is forever disappearing on me.

K2 Jasper is a relatively new stone that helps open the third eye chakra and bring insight to its user.

All colours of kyanite help align the chakras~ blue kyanite in particular also helps with dream recall, honesty, and opening yourself to spiritual thoughts.

Little baby spheres! The left is rose quartz and the right, which is the size of a marble, is a glittery amethyst. I would like to get a larger sphere eventually but my other sphere, opalite, is also the size of a marble so I figured they’d match.

Rose quartz is the universal stone of love.

Amethyst was mentioned above. It’s also good for dreams and peacefulness!


This is Maggie, who can’t keep her inquisitive nose out of my crystals.


My beautiful astrophyllite palm stone! I put this stone down the first time, and then bought it two hours later. [It has since gone on a walkabout. I hope it returns soon.]

Astrophyllite is a beautiful, mysterious stone that allows you to explore your inner mysteries.


I also purchased a few tumbled dalmatian stones [they were a fundraiser for a dog rescue], blue aqua obsidian, obsidian arrowheads for my lil bro and I [hardcore Game of Thrones fans], and tumbled shungite. I wish I had taken a photo of the shungite because now I can’t tell it apart from my nuumite 😂

I do have a fair amount of tumbled gemstones purchased from the local metaphysical store, as well as a few raw pieces…would anyone be interested in seeing a post on the rest of my crystal collection?



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